The legendary Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Perignon


The legendary Champagne Dom Pérignon ages very well. The typical taste of yellow fruit and crispiness shines through in both 2000, 1982, 1990, 1978 and 1976.

Dom PerignonI guess it is partly due to heavy marketing, but I have always thought of Dom Perignon as the ultimate bottle of Champagne. Way out of my league and reach… I consider myself as extremely lucky and privileged, because I now have had the pleasure of tasting a few various vintages. One thing I can say for sure; Age matters!

The blend varies slightly from year to year, but it is a combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Dom Perignon 2000

This bottle was my first date with the Dom. I had super high expectations. But I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. Although it was a good bottle with a fresh smell of yellow fruits, which is so typical of Dom Perignon, The taste was also very fresh and fruity. But, for me, the taste was a bit too sweet and frankly, a bit uninteresting.

Dom Perignon 1990

My second meeting with a bottle of Dom Perignon was much better. The added years had done wonders with the Champagne. The color was richer, and so was the taste. A hint of almond and honey. Still fruity and fresh, but much more mature and robust.

DPMy third encounter with Dom Perignon was a very good night! We enjoyed three different vintages, and it was exciting and fun to see how different the colors were, and how the taste changes over the years both due to the weather harvest year and maturity.

Dom Perignon 1982

This bottle was very light colored. It smelled like yellow fruit and starting to mature. It was richer, but still sweet. Still acidic, but fruity. The taste adds to the yellow fruit, and starting hint of honey.

Dom Perignon 1978

This bottle smells similar to the 1982. More basement, but still more elegant. The taste is more balanced. Still acidic, but fresher. And you still taste the thypical DP-tones of yellow and mature fruit and richness. Very elegant. And the balance of crispiness and freshness. A perfect bottle!

Dom Perignon 1976

This has much more power than all the other bottles together. It is still recognizable as a Dom Perignon, but this was a warmer vintage, which gives it more power and flavor. A very good bottle and a very good wine!

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