Dos Palillos – Brilliant Asian Tapas in Barcelona


BarcelonaDos Palillos is Barcelona’s most exciting restaurant, serving a combination of Asian and Spanish dishes made by chefs from the famous elBulli.

Dos Palillos is a distinctive and exciting concept in the world of food. Linking the Asian use of chopsticks and the Spanish use of “toothpicks”, their goal is to mix the philosophy of Spanish tapas and Asian fusion. And it works. Seldom have we had such exciting and unexpected meals as in the bar and the restaurant at Dos Palillos.

Dos Palillos exists both in Barcelona and Berlin, and you have to make a reservation as early as possible to enjoy the dishes from some of the world’s best chefs. I have visited Dos Palillos in Barcelona twice, enjoying both the bar, which is more casual, and the outside patio, where they serve a set menu. The outside area is both intimate and cozy and is recommended if the weather permits it. Dos PalillosIMG_4223

Dos Palillos selection of dishes is a thrill, and the menu is a combination of unexpected and wonderful dishes. What about some seaweed sunomono with sea snails, gyoza or Japanese style angler fish liver marinated in sake… The Japanese burger with steamed bread, ginger, shiso and beef were a hit with the kids, but they also loved the dumplings, the wontons and the tuna steak temaki. These are not the typical dishes, but if you are up for something new and different, you´ll love it!

Dos PalillosFor drinks, I always prefer Asian beer and sake with my Asian, and especially Japanese style food, but they serve some pretty good drinks for starters. Their wine list isn´t outstanding, but you will find ok options both when it comes to white and bubbles. I recommend some vintage Cava.

Even if Barcelona has several amazing restaurants to choose from, and especially when it comes to tapas, I have to say that Dos Palillos is my favorite restaurant in this town.

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