Elmas Handel – A wonderful café in Hemsedal

ElmasThe best waffles and coffee for miles!

For me, the most important aspects for wonderful places are atmosphere and good produces. It doesn´t have to be super fancy or glamorous as long as there are heart and soul. Elmas Handel is one of those places.

Hemsedal is a small village in the Norwegian mountains, famous for its great slopes. Places like these, who largely depend on tourists, often focus more on maximizing income and less on ambience and great food. Elmas Handels is not like that. Specializing in fair trade and organic products and serving home cooked dishes and cakes, it has been a success both with the locals and all the ski tourists.  HemsedalHemsedalHemsedal  Elmas Handel

The interior is very cozy with old tables and twenty different types of chairs. There is a special corner for kids with books, paper and crayons, and plenty of magazines for their customers to enjoy.

The menu is small, but you will always find something you´ll love. I especially liked the potato soup, and the kids love the oatmeal waffles served with cheese, jam and sour cream if you like. There are plenty of juices to choose from, and I bet they serve the best coffee for miles.

If you are ever in the area, stop by for a soup and coffee and enjoy the lovely atmosphere and the smiling staff and customers.

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