Credo is one of the best restaurants in Trondheim

Credo is one of the best restaurants in Trondheim. It may not be the fanciest interior wise, but Heidi Bjerkan has managed to create a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere and good food using fantastic, local ingredients.Credo

Credo serves Norwegian and French-inspired food with a strong focus on local products. With a short distance to some of the best seafood in the world, Credo has great potential with their underwater dishes. Scallops from Frøya is world known, and is worth a visit on its own when it is on the menu. There are also a few great farms nearby from where Credo gets their pork, and some of the best cheese in the country is also from this part of the country.

CredoI have liked almost all of their fish dishes. In addition to their scallops, another dish that stood out was their crayfish with cabbage. Also, their cured trout was memorable. I love the fact that they have a big grill fired up to take care of their ingredients. You can´t beat the taste of charcoal.Credo

The best thing about dining outside of the capital is the price. Not only do you get a lot of food for your money, the wine is also much cheaper than in Oslo, for example. Credo has always had a solid wine list, but at my last visit, several of the ones offered were out of stock, and that always disappoints me. Despite of this, Credo is a place where you can afford to try some of the classical and best producers, especially from France. Like Champagne from Legras. They have both the 96 and 90 St Vincent on the map at a reasonable price.

Whether you decide to go for three or five dishes, with or without the wine menu, I bet you´ll have a great time at Credo.

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