Enoclub. Modern Italian kitchen in Alba

Enoclub is a laidback and modern restaurant in the center of Alba with great, every-day dishes and an excellent wine list. Enoclub

There are typically two types of restaurants in Italy. The traditional ones, and the modern ones. The good thing is that in Alba, they are all good, no matter which one you visit.

Enoclub has a lot of things going for it. Not just the good, modern food, but the interior and location too.

EnoclubInside, the design is clean and contemporary, and I especially like the wine cellar in the back. But I prefer eating out when I am at Enoclub. I love the view over the Piazza Savona where the locals sit down for a break, the kids skate or play together with a ball, and a light breeze would carry small drops from the water fountain my way. Whether you have your dinner or lunch here, this is the spot to be in.

I always order the same thing when I eat at Enoclub. Their burger is fantastic. And not a lot of Italian restaurants makes burgers. If you start out with some cured meat and have their fantastic steak tartar, your meat cravings will be fulfilled for a few hours. You can always add some of their handmade pasta if you need to. It is delicious.IMG_8326 Enoclub

Then there is the wine list. Like most other places in the area, they have an extensive choice of local producers. Please let them come up with suggestions. This is the best way to find new favorites. We were introduced to Scarpas Barbera d´Asti here, and it is still my favorite Barbera from Asti.

Enoclub Restaurant is a cool and good restaurant. The kind you could visit frequently and not get sick of. That is why we visit every time we are in town. I am Loving It!



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