Piedmont is one of the twenty regions in Italy. The name Piedmont means “at the foot of the mountains” and is very descriptive of the area. And it may just be the location that is the reason why the area produces some of the best grapes in the world.

I love Piedmont
I love the food, the wine, the area, the people, the little villages and everything surrounding them. This area is not as green, lush and fertile as Tuscany, for example, but it has plenty of charm and taste to compensate for that. And the fact that there are fewer tourists here makes it even better. The tourists you do find here, are passionately interested in the food and wine that this area has to offer.

Food and wine lovers from all over the world come to taste the famous Nebbiolo grape, which by some is compared with some of the most beloved French wines, and to eat the most wonderful dishes, including the truffles. The temperatures here are also much better during the summer. It doesn´t get as hot here as in Tuscany, for example. In addition, both the hotels and the restaurants in Piedmont are less expensive than in the more famous and popular Tuscany. And some of the Barolos are great value, compared to the French wines they are compared to.
It can be quite nerve wrecking to drive on some of these narrow and steep roads with the extremely busy Italian chauffeurs, but the view, the smell and the experiences makes it well worth it.