La Villa Hotel – A home away from home in Piedmont

La VillaA stay at La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo could include a morning dip in the pool, a great coffee and home made yoghurt for breakfast, a walk in the beautiful garden, and a few hours relaxing by the pool enjoying the breathtaking view.

…then perhaps a trip to one of the nearby villages for lunch before a short nap in your lovely room. Followed by a glass of Spumante while waiting for a perfect dinner served in La Villa restaurant. What could possible be better? La Villa

Piedmont is a unique place to be for both food- and wine lovers, and the number of agriturismos and hotels in the area is growing. La Villa Hotel has been around for a while, and so you are insured the best knowledge and experience when visiting. They also have a lot of cyclers visiting, because the area is perfect for shorter or longer day trips.

La Villa is run by a British couple who do their best to make their visitors feel like home. There are 14 rooms in the hotel, all uniquely decorated for a personal, luxurious and a home-away-from-home feeling. The beds are large and comfortable, and some of the suites even have a connecting terrace. The view is beautiful, both overseeing the garden or the vineyards with the mountains in the far back.

La Villa La VillaMy favorite places in La Villa are in the garden and by the pool. The garden is carefully groomed and smells of lavender. The pool is large, heated by the sun, and has comfortable sun beds placed around it so you get the best possible view throughout the village. I could spend hours here just looking and chilling. Perhaps with a bottle from the cellar… La Villa

La Villa also has a restaurant that is surprisingly good. They have a British chef with excellent qualifications from back home, and he has managed to incorporate traditional, Piedmontese cooking to his modern style with great success. His shrimp ravioli with Prosecco sauce was breathtaking.

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