Falsled Kro. World class food and atmosphere.

Falsled Kro, located in Fyn, Denmark, is a topnotch restaurant with lovely rooms and garden. Experience a stay with topnotch food, wonderful wine, excellent service and an ambience that makes you want to come back, again and again.

Fyn is by many known as the garden of Denmark, with it´s gorgeous flowers, trees and incredible fauna. And Falsled Kro extends this feeling of beauty and atmosphere. The history of this place goes far back and the wonderful Inn is internationally appreciated for it´s service and gastronomy.  

There are 19 unique rooms at Falsled, all decorated with love and care and some Danish, classic furniture. Several of the rooms have a fireplace, most of them have a bathtub and private balcony, many of them a beautiful view, either to the garden or the sea, and a few of them even a private winter garden. I have stayed in four different rooms, and they are all very charming. It is also a great thing that they use whatever space available to make up beds for your kids.

  If you bring your children to Falsled Kro, which you absolutely should, you can choose to let them have their dinner while you eat your snacks, or they can join you in the restaurant. All the rooms are close to the dining room, so it is no problem leaving them there for a few hours. My kids love their time off and enjoy the room on their own. 

The dining experience at Falsled is a joy from start to end. Hopefully you´ll make it for the afternoon tea, where I have been served some of the most creative and tasty cakes. Bring your book and enjoy the garden or inside with the fireplace. The dinner, where you choose from the Almanak or Culinarium package, includes 4, 6 or 8 servings, in addition to the pre-dinner snacks, and I have never been disappointed of a single dish. Even after their famous Per Hallundbæk left the kitchen and Kasper Hasse took over, the food still rocks! Some of the dishes are legendary. Some of them creative and experimental. But they are all good. They use homegrown and short-travelled produces. And they also have the best cheese trolley north of France.   

There is a quite good wine list at the restaurant, so you can choose if you want to get a bottle or two or go for the wine menu. Or even a combination.

 After a good night sleep, and perhaps even a morning swim, you get to enjoy the most wonderful breakfasts. The table is set with organic juice, fresh coffee or tea, skyr, berries, fruit, pastries and the cutest plate with quale eggs, sausage and bacon. The perfect ending to the perfect experience. We will be back!    

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