Neri Restaurant – A Beautiful spot in Barcelona

Neri Restaurant is located at the more famous Neri Hotel in the Gothic part of the town. The interior here is fantastic. The food is excellent and minimalistic, and the chef picks out and buys the fresh produces himself every day.

To enter the restaurant you have to go through a bar or a lounge. This is the perfect place for a pre drink, even if you aren´t planning on eating dinner here. Soft chairs and lovely surroundings. When the weather permits, there is also a lovely terrace where you can sit and enjoy the majestic buildings surrounding this Gothic quarter. I love it!

Both the hotel and the restaurant are a bit pricy, when comparing to other places in Barcelona, but compared to Oslo, for example, a full tasting menu for 60€ is not bad at all. Especially if you get to try the foie gras or the sea shells.

Neri is very classy and elegant, and worth a try, for sure. Works great both for a romantic dinner, a group of friends and girls night out. The wine list isn´t the biggest, but you´ll find something that will satisfy your needs.

I recommend this restaurant because it is so beautiful,both the food and the surroundings, just like the rest of the hotel!

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