Georg Breuer – One of the princes of Rüdesheim

Georg Breuer is one of my favorite Riesling producers. He makes clean, unpretentious and well tasting wines, the winery is run by a woman (the daughter of the belated Mr. Georg), and the design of their label is nice and clean. It is all good!

This winery is in Rüdesheim am Rhein, which is also the hood of Mr Leiz. We stayed at their hotel called the Schloss Rüdesheim, which has a four star standard, pretty minimalistic style for the area and clean, big rooms. The back yard is also an oasis for the German-music loving audience several nights a week. Quite interesting also for us who are not the most dedicated fans.

Georg Breuers standard Riesling is called Rüdesheim Estate. It is an ok everyday wine. The next step up will be the Terra Rosa, which is a combination of all the four Grand Crus that he has. These are the Berg Rottland, the Berg Roseneck, the Nonnenberg, and the top of the top, the Berg Schlossberg. The latter one comes with different labels every year created by a local artist. It is also the one with the most minerals in and it is from the steepest wine yard. What makes the wines in Rüdesheim unique, and for Georg Breuer in particular, is that the soil is filled with minerals, and that the wine yards has the perfect position when it comes to sun exposure. This means that the wine achieves the perfect balance between minerals, acidity and fruit. This makes it possible to store them for a long, long time.

In addition to these wines, he also makes really good Auslese, which means late harvested grapes and results in a sweet tasting wine. The most simple one is called Georg Breuer Auslese, and you should try it with mature cheese, as well as to deserts. The next step up is the ones that are made from the single wine yards, as mentioned above, but only from the best vintages. The gold-capped Elysia is the most wonderful Auslese I have ever tasted, and the older the vintage, the more like heaven it tastes. We tried the 2003, and I am happy to say that it came home with us!


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