Grillmarkadurinn in Reykjavik for foodlovers

Grillmarkadurinn is considered to be one of the coolest restaurants in Reykjavik. With its trendy interior, hip atmosphere and ability to surprise confidently during the meal, I think they may be right.

Stepping into this very stylish restaurant that Grillmarkadurinn is, the temperature feels so good. Obviously because of the weather outside may be cold, but also because of the atmosphere. The style and interior makes it warm and cool, and a great place to be.

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The food menu was also a great surprise. Besides from the expected elements in a grill restaurants, the menu offered several surprises. And the chefs made them work! Their whale, puffin and langoustine mini burgers melted on my tongue. Also, the Minke whale steak with crispy oyster mushrooms was pure joy, and how could you go wrong with perfectly grilled King crab? Grillmarkadurinn Grillmarkadurinn Grillmarkadurinn

While the food was good, the wine list wasn´t a winner. But hey, Iceland makes great beer. And they had some good drinks in the bar.

GrillmarkadurinnGrillmarkadurinn is definitely the place to be for those of us who love grilled meat. But the kitchen exceeds by far, and makes the dishes worthy of anyone with an delicately developed palate.

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