Serifos, Greece

Coco Mat SerifosSerifos, in the Cykladik Islands of Greece, is rugged, beautiful and chill.

Serifos, also called the Island of the Cyclopes, is a mesmerizing island with a strong mining history and beautiful nature. On the very top of the island is the town Chora, and if you don´t get blown away by the wind, the view definitely will do it! The narrow, white-painted streets and buildings, the blue doors, the beautiful flowers in the pots, and the spectacular ocean surrounding the island is definitely worth a trip. It is a good idea to rent a car, so you can explore and drive around the whole island, and visit any beach at your preference. Serifos

The first town you meet when you enter the island is Levadi. It has small shops, several restaurants and a few bars. It also has a pharmacy and bank, if you should need it. For the best pasta, visit Porto Vecchio, and for the best Greek food, eat at To Bakakaki. If you decide to dine in Chora, you will get awesome pizza and authentic burrata at Cuckoo.

The beaches in Serifos are many, and they are beautiful. Our favorite is Psili Amos. There are no umbrellas and beds for rent here, but the magical waves and powdered sand makes up for it. It is also possible to buy a decent lunch here at the tavern. Livadakia beach is also nice, and it is close to Livadi.

Serifos Coco Mat SerifosOur main reason for returning to this beautiful island is the Coco Mat hotel. It is stylish, peaceful, and just a few steps away from Vagia beach and cliffs. Another great hotel is Rizes, situated on top of a hill with breathtaking view and a beautiful pool.

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