Verina Suites, Botique hotel in Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

verina suitesVerina Suites is a white and chick haven and the perfect place to catch a break. The garden is breathtaking, the rooms are clean and stylish, the breakfast is yummy and the location, perfect.

Sifnos is a very beautiful island in the Greek, Cycladic Islands. The most popular beach on the island is the Platys Gialos, with soft sand, a pier to dive from, several restaurants and a couple of really cool bars. Just a few steps away from the beach is my favorite hotel on this island, the Verina Suites.

verina suites verina suites

After spending just a few seconds at this place, I fell in love. The garden is stunning! The buildings are white and nothing special, but covered in all those trees, bushes and flowers, it is just picture-perfect.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan suite, which is the largest one. It had a beautiful and spacious bedroom for the grownups, and the kids got to stay in the living room. Everything was clean and smart, and I especially loved the toiletries from the Greek brand Apivita ( I am a huge fan of Korres, but Apivita was also great).

verina suites Verina Suitesverina suites

The pool area is also very nice. They have places large bean-bags and stylish sun beds around the pool, and under the garden-roof there are spacious and comfy sofas to chill. I could stay here for hours… But it was beach time. Luckily the beach is just a few meters away, and you can sense the lovely atmosphere here at once. It is lively and sweet, not crowded and too much. Whether you visit daytime or night. I like this beach and I like this island. But most of all, I like this hotel! serifos serifos serifosserifos

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