Koka – Gothenburgs best fine dining!

KOKAWith a clear focus on short travelled and ecological produces, Koka serves the best fine dining food in town, in a beautiful restaurant. The kick ass food makes you forget everything else.

Koka consists of the crew that used to run Kock og Vin, which I loved. The new restaurant is more minimalistic, modern, and more ecological, and I was lost at first sight and bite.

The interior is typical Scandinavian with designer chairs, clean surfaces and light structure. It sets the mode and tone for what to expect on your plate, as the perfect match.

cabbThe food is absolutely beautiful, both in looks and taste. The dishes were humbled sized, which always makes me happy, but the taste lasted all the way to the next dish. The fried cabbage, the broccoli soup, the heart… So pure, so clean and so good!

While both the décor and the food blew me away, the wine list was quite disappointing. I didn´t know too many of the suggested wines or their producer, and our waitress could not help us choose based on our preferences. So we went for an unknown producer of an ok Champagne, trying not to let anything blemish our gastronomical feast.

dessertI usually stay clear of places when my experience with the service is not to my fancy, but since the food at Koka was so amazing, I am hoping the waitress just had a bad day, and that the wine list is updated as we speak. I will be back!

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