Taco Republica. Perhaps the Best Mexican food in Oslo

I will never forget the Mexican meal I enjoyed at a beach in Mexico many years ago. The taste and the atmosphere were both unique and wonderful, and since then, I have been searching for likes of it around the world.

Taco Republica in Torggata, Oslo, is as close as it gets!

Mexcan foodDue to the rather small and cozy restaurant and the popularity of the place, the atmosphere is always there. And the menu, the staff and the great produce treated by excellent chefs, ensures that the food tastes just as it should. They buy most of their products local and organic. And if they can´t get what they need in Norway, they import it directly from Mexico. Like for example the ten different types of chilies!

While waiting in the bar for your table, you should order a Margarita to set the mood. If you are not into blended drinks, you could get a Tequila shot, or a Mexican beer. As soon as you get a table, you have to order one of their four types of salsa and the guacamole. I think I am above average interested in perfecting my own guacamole, but I have never even been close to capture the authentic and yummy taste like this one. That’s when the waiter told me about the ten different chilies, and how one of them – the small green one, which name I can´t remember, was used together with the avocado. Add some lime and salt, and voila! A taste of heaven… The guacamole is served with totopos, which are fried tortilla chips and also comes with no chili for the younger customers.

When deciding on which taco to order, you can choose from the more common types of meat like lamb, beef and chicken, or you could try the chorizo, mushrooms or lengua, which is the tongue of a bull. They are all served with freshly made tortillas and matching toppings. These tacos are delicious, but I have to say that my favorite dish on the menu, beside the guacamole, was the Volcán de Pollo de Bistec! It is two fried tortillas served as a tiny burger filled with pure meat, fried cheese and salsa. To die for!

To Taco Republica: I will always be your friend! Hasta la vista, baby…

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