Kontrast. A Norwegian restaurant at it´s best

If you like short travelled and exciting produces, modern Scandinavian cooking and interior design, Kontrast is the restaurant for you.Kontrast

I have to admit that I chose to visit this restaurant due to its interior. I am a great fan of &Tradition, and I love what they have added to some of the best-looking and tasting restaurant in Copenhagen. It is the combination of the food, the service, the wine AND the interior design that does it for me. I believe that the atmosphere and ambience is extremely important for the whole experience. The space, the chairs, the vases and the lamps from the Danish designers completed the Scandinavian and industrial space and image.


And the food at Kontrast didn´t disappoints me either. It is interesting to see that the modern type of cooking that is so popular in Scandinavia these days, is actually the “old” way of cooking. Organic, short travelled and free ranged is just how it used to be. Also smoked, salted and grilled was ways of cooking years ago. I love that. The focus on good and pure products processed as little as possible is the best for me.

The season sets the dishes at Kontrast, and you choose between the set menu and a la carte. I say go for the menu. The dishes are not too big, they offer a wide variety of tastes, and they are all beautiful looking and very tasty. Kontrast

As for the wine, I was not as impressed. The wine list is short, and also here, the focus is on organic or natural producers, which isn´t necessary a bad thing, it just excludes many of the best wines out there. We did try one of the Champagnes on the list, and in addition to a bottle of beer with the bread and a glass of red with the meet, it went well with the menu (The red choice of that night to go with a very good pig was a glass of Nero d´avola from COS, Sicily). The Champagne bottle that we chose was a Brut Nature from Francis Boulard called Petraea. It was rich and fresh, but a bit short in the mouth. Read more notes on the wine here.

Kontrast is definitely a great restaurant in many ways. Our French waiter was fun and knowledgeable, the surroundings optimal, the wine and food tasty and the ambience just right. Try it!

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