La Maison de Olivier Leflavie – Hotel in Puligny-Montrachet

Olivier LeflavierLa Maison de Olivier Leflavie has some cool rooms and the best value hotel in Puligny-Montrachet. If you spend your time sleeping and relaxing here, and eat your lunch and dinner somewhere else, you´ll be happy!

Olivier Leflavie in Puligny-Montrachet is considered to be one of the most successful vine makers in Burgundy. He is a young man at heart who likes to participate in all segments of his business, but he left the management of his hotel to his daughter. And she is doing a great job.

Le MaisonThe Maison de Olivier Leflavie is situated right in the middle of this beautiful, little town, and although it doesn´t look too fancy from the outside, some of the rooms will surprise you. Since we were four, we got a large room with two extra beds. The room was covered in gold, and even if it sounds tacky, it was quite cool. My girls loved it. It made them feel like princesses.  The room even had an entrance to a patio, perfect for reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine.  We tried both. I also loved the huge tub and separate shower. Big and wonderful. Just leflavierlike the fluffy robes.

In the hotel, Olivier has a room he calls La Table. It isn´t really a restaurant, but more like a tasting room. You get to sample a lot of their cru´s while you are served a lighter meal. It was interesting to taste his wine, and some of them are very good, but the food really wasn´t anything special. After eating several great meals, I guess we get picky, but this really disappointed us. So my suggestion is that you get a tasting, but have your dinner somewhere else.

Olivier LeflavierIt isn´t easy locating a hotel that will satisfy all your needs in this area. In addition to La Maison de Olivier Leflavie, La Chouette and Le Montrachet are the closest alternatives. La Maison is definitely the less expensive one, and it is more down-to-earth than Le Montrachet. But if you decide to stay with Mr. Olivier, because their rooms are so much cooler, you can always stop by Le Montrachet for dinner.

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