Ma Cuisin. Traditional French restaurant in Beaune

Ma cuisinBeaune is considered to be the wine and food capital of Burgundy, and this is where you will find the highest density of great restaurants in the eastern part of France. One of these restaurants is Ma Cuisin, located right in the middle of this beautiful town.Ma cuisin

Ma Cuisin is a well established restaurant with a long history and chefs and staff with a lot of experience. You will not find the most experimental plates here, but the old-school, familiar and traditional dishes that we love so much. Like the tartar, the escargots and various types of cheese.

IMG_9135 Ma cuisinI tried all of these. The escargots were my absolute favorites. But also their salmon tartar, beef bourguignon and rabbit were really tasty.

The best part about this restaurant though, in addition to the fantastic ambience, was their wine list. And since the staff has “been around” for quite a while, they will recommend some awesome alternatives for you. And in different price ranges, which is a good thing in Pinot Noire heaven…

Ma CuisinGo to Ma Cuisin and feel like a part of the history and a member of the family. Enjoy it!

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