Magnus & Magnus, M2. Great food. Great wine. Great prices.

I have had the honor of eating here twice. I was pregnant the first time, but not the second. I preferred the latter, because the wine list here included a lot of great stuff. Just as the menu did. You can choose to eat a ´la Carte or four or six courses from today’s menu. The last time we were here, we paid 699 Swedish Kronor for six courses, and this is a much better price than similar restaurants in Oslo. Our last menu consisted of perch, lobster, duck liver, flounder, lamb or weal, and pear with chocolate and ice cream. We also had two choices of wine menus. The regular one, and the “luxury” one. We chose to share a bottle of white wine first (since there were so many dishes it would go well with), and then continued on the wine menu from the meat dish. We chose a bottle of Riesling from 94 that was both round, mild and still pretty acidic (Petroleum is not just my favorite color, it is also my favorite smell when it comes to white wines). It fit just wonderful with all the dishes. Even the duck liver. And I know it sounds strange, but I almost felt it fit better with my weal than the Dolchetto from the wine menu. I have had great Champagne that goes wonderful together with meat, but it never crossed my mind that Riesling would too. It is great when you get a chance to try such an old and precious bottle in places like this when the prices are good. Those places are rare.

The best part of this menu and most of the dishes here was the extensive use of acid. I think that vinegar and balsamico, in addition to citrus fruits and white wine in the dishes, makes them feel “lighter” and more healthy. I addition, I am a great fan of menus with lots of fish and treasures from the sea and less meat. If I could have decided, I would have loved to have an element of something rear on at least one of the dishes – fish or meat or vegetables, but I was both full and happy at the end of the meal.

And on top of everything, the restaurant is just a block away from one of my favorite hotels in Gothenburg, Elite Plaza, which is particularly wonderful when heading home with a full stomach and wobbly legs (due to my high heals, of course…).

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