Palace Grill. A legendary restaurant in Oslo.

Palace Grill is a legendary restaurant in Oslo. It is known for its great food, but also for the staff. This is a place for creative, personal and engaged chefs and waiters with great passion for their livelihood. You will not just get great tasting food at Palace, but the service and the information both prior and during the meal is quite unique. The restaurant is small and very intimate and filled with the most unexpected and fancy treasures. This is a place we like to be.

Every day the menu is presented on a board, and you choose to eat it all or pick what appeals to you, if you don’t have time, room or resources to eat the whole package. The kitchen is very inspired by the French. Oysters are often a part of the menu, and all the fish and meat I have tried has been cooked to perfection. It is not the fancyest prestentation in the world, but with the best possible ingredients and excellent combination in taste, who cares.

The winelist is also good, and this is one of those places where we always listen to recommendations. We have tried a lot of new and interesting things at Palace, especially French suprises.

The only negative thing about Palace Grill is that you can not reserve a table here. This means that you have to be there when the doors open around three to get your name on the list. Luckily, they have a great connecting bar where you can wait to get seated. Makes for a very expensive experience for us who have to pay our babysitter by the hour, but besides from that, this is absolutely a place to experience.

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