Bissoh – Excellent Sushi in Beaune, France

BissohSome may call me crazy, but after staying in the red wine and beef district for a few days, I am dying for a lighter meal, and Sushi is the best lighter meal there is. Bissoh is the best sushi restaurant in the area (some say in all of France) and is well worth a trip… or two.

Usually when eating Asian food, or especially sushi, I would have an Asian beer or sake with it, but being in Burgundy, where they make some of the best wine in the world, it is an excellent opportunity to try some of the lighter white ones.Sushi

I love sushi, and I truly believe that we have some of the best fish in the world in Norway. That is why I am always a little bit skeptic when eating sushi in other countries. Especially if it is inland. But this place didn´t disappoint me. Yes, they have different ways of making some of my favorite flavors and dishes, like grilling the surface of some of the sake pieces, but that is ok. Different is sometimes also good. And this restaurant was so good and popular both with the kids and grown ups, that we even went here twice during our week in Beaune. And both times were a success.

TempuraThe food is good. Again, asking for the specialties of the house is always smart. The miso soup was tasty, the sashimi pieces are a bit thicker than I am used to, and the maki rolls are my favorites.

BissohThe woman that runs the place may seem a bit strict and grumpy at first, but that is just on the outside. As soon as you engage her in conversation both abut the food and the wine, she even smiles. I bet she is a very hard working woman, and also very typical Japanese. I liked her a lot! Just as I liked the restaurant, the food and some of the really good white burgundy wines that we had. Definitely worth a  visit!

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