Per Bacco in La Morra has the best Pizza in the area.

Per baccoPer Bacco has Piedmonts best pizza! I could eat them daily. And especially after they started serving great microbrewery beer, it has become one of my favorites.

I love all the wonderful dishes in the Piedmontese kitchen, but sometimes I just want something basic. And even if the authentic firewood oven pizzas here are far from basic, they will do;)

My favorites from the pizza menu is the Diavola and Salsichia, but they are all good.

You should also try their beer, called 32 Via dei Birrai. It is a micro brewery with excellence awards, and all the bottles I have tried were very tasty.IMG_8249

Eating at Per Bacco in the summertime while you can sit outside near the oven is the best. Small pieces of the wood will fly around the closest table, but that is part of the charm.

The woman who runs the place can be quite strict, and I don´t always agree with her wine tips, but that is also part of the charm.

per baccoPlease give them a call ahead to check if they are open. Booking a table is always smart anyway. Especially if you are more than two. This is a great place for a long table with lots of family and friends.

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