Ristoro di Lamole – my favorite restaurant in Tuscany

Ristoro di Lamole is my favorite restaurant in Tuscany. And that says a Lamole lot! All of their dishes are yummy, but their Tiramisu is to die for!

One of the best chefs in Norway, Bent Stiansen, once said that he judges the restaurants in Italy based on their Tiramisu. And if I was to do the same, Ristoro di Lamole wound be number one! It is by far the most beautiful version of this wonderful desert that I have ever tasted. Accompanied by a fantastic Vinsanto from Tenuta Lamole de Lamole, it makes for one of the most fantastic taste experiences I have ever had. And I have had it three times…

TiramisuThe dessert is worth a trip to Chianti on its own. But the restaurant, placed in Lamole on a beautiful hill close to Greve and Panzano in Chianti, south of Firenze, has much, much more to offer. The carne cruda, witch I also like to try wherever I eat, is pure delight. They also have great mushroom pasta, heavenly dishes with truffle, especially the baked onion, and the meat I have ordered, have always been cooked to perfection.

The drive up to the restaurant is very beautiful, but the roads are narrow and the turns are frequent, so keep an open eye for the speeding Italians on the road. Just below the restaurant, which has a nice view, there is a little playground for the children. This is an advantage for both the kids and the parents. The people working here are also very, very kind and makes great recommendations. They also have a great memory, recognizing us after 15 months… I hope that was a good thing;)Querciabella

For the perfect day in the area, I recommend a visit to the Querciabella winery before or after eating lunch at Ristorante di Lamole. It is just ten minutes away, and they make one of the best Chianti Classico´s here.

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