Scallywags resort is high-end backpacking.

Scallywags restaurantScallywags Resort has everything you need for an excellent stay in Gili Trawangan. Clean and simple rooms, great food and good service.Scallywags view

If you are going to the Gili Islands (located between Bali and mainland Lombok) there really aren´t any fancy boutique- or design hotels to choose from. This is (or at least it was) an island for young travellers with a low budget looking for peace, party, heavenly beaches and clear, blue water.

Donkey My first visit to the Gilis was in 2002, and lots have changed in 12 years. The number of tourists has increased rapidly, and so has the number of hotels, shops, offers and donkeys. There are no longer visible signs offering Magical Mushrooms on every corner, but I bet you can still locate them if you want to…Scallywags resort

There were less square meters per person on the beach, the diving shops were crowded and you may have to wait in line to dine at your preferred spot, but the growth isn´t all bad. Numerous of great restaurants, bars and cafés offers great variation and lots of good food, and there are several more options when you want to travel to and from or take local trips.

I believe that Scallywags is the best place to stay in Gili Trawangan. They have great staff from all over the world. The rooms are clean and spacious enough, and the outdoor bathroom adds a touch of luxury. The pool is also clean and the sunbeds are comfy. Add a few good drinks and some snacks for the bar, and it makes for the perfect beach-break place.

scallywagsBut the beach and the water is still the number one reason why you need to visit the Gili Islands. They are breathtaking, warm and colorful. Scallywags also has a hotel (with no pool) at the more quiet Gili Air, and you can take the trip out there for free every day if you like. Include a couple of dive- or snorkel stops on the way, and you will have the best of times. The clear water offers millions of bright colored fish, but the best experiences are still when you get to swim with the big and amazing turtles. What wonderful creatures they are…Gili Island

Everything is less pricy on Gili Islands than on mainland Bali. The food, hotels, drinks and spa treatments. So this is really the place and time to spoil yourself. Days here can be filled with what ever you prefer. There are activities for everyone, but my advise to you is to bring a lot of books, your dive mask and remember to wear sunblock!

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