Trattoria Cibréo in Firenze is unforgettable

The Cibréo Trattoria in Firenze has the best food and atmosphere in town. And the price is also great!Florence

Florence is filled with tourist traps and mediocre restaurants. I recommend a trip to the “leather” part of the town and a small trattoria where the locals eat great, traditional dishes for the best food and memories.

Cibréo has a long tradition in Florence/Firenze. It consists of a cafe, a restaurant and a trattoria. For the best experience, I recommend the trattoria. You can´t book a table in advance here, so you need to be outside the door when they open at 12:30, otherwise you may miss it. Also, they are closed on Mondays. But if you make it, it will be a visit to remember.Cibréo

The best thing about Cibréo Trattoria is the atmosphere. The room is small and traditional, but soon after opening time, the room is filled with enthusiastic, happy and food loving locals, and it almost feels like you are sitting in a big Italian family’s private kitchen. I love it!

As someone who only understands a handful of Italian words, the menu is a mystery. But at least one of the guys who work there speaks English and will gladly translate the whole thing for you. If you are brave enough, though, I would recommend that you just let them choose what is best that day, and I am sure that you will eat some very traditional and amazing dishes. I visited Cibréo for the first time seven years ago, and I still remember the fresh salciccia and the velvety soft polenta with ragú. They change parts of their menu frequently, but some of their most popular dishes will hopefully never be taken off the board.Florence

Their wine list isn´t the most exciting or biggest in the area, but I am sure everyone will find something to cover their needs and cravings.

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