Best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali – outside mainstream

BambooSeminyak Beach is perhaps Bali’s most fashionable area, and the location of some of the most luxurious resorts, fine restaurants and boutiques.

There are several good restaurants to choose from a few steps away from the most crowded area, depending on what kind of food you are craving. Here is a selection of some of my favorite restaurants in Seminyak. In addition to the ones at the W Hotel. taco local

Bambu Restaurant: Voted the best restaurants in Seminyak. They serve modern Balinese and French inspired food at a great location, open and airy. Kids love it, because the tables are set in a fish pond. They have excellent, new and different drinks, and amazing food. The dishes have good sizes and it is not too expensive.

Biku: Cheap and great local food. Good atmosphere and lovely, service minded staff. They serve a Nasi goreng to die for and their pig hoock (slowely cooked) is super good. They also have a very extensive tea menu. Authentic and yummy.

biku Rayjin: Teppanaki (sushi next door). The restaurant is lively, have great service and is fast and efficient. Their wagyi is mouth watering and they serve several types of japanese beer. Their rice with garlic is amazing, and so is their fresh mushroom salad and tuna tataki.

Merah Putih: Very cool location. British manager. A bit busy and fast service. Killer food. Fab on slow cooked meat and bone marrow. Their angus rib melts in your mouth and is served with a broth to dip in. For a Balinese restaurant it has a surprisingly good selection of wine and Riedel glasses. Merah Putih is a great party place, but as a family, we all loved it. 

taco local Taco Local: This down to earth Mexican restaurant has the best mexican food we tasted in Bali. The el local nachos, pescado and carne tacos are super good. Combined with mexican drinks or beer, the super laid back atmosphere, great music and good vibes, makes this place one of my all time favorites. It is also super cheap!

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