Botin – the oldest restaurant in the world

The Botin restaurant in Madrid may have the best suckling pig in the world. Botin

And they have had years of practice…

Botin restaurant is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest restaurant in the world, founded in 1725. They are famous for their suckling pig and lamb roosted over a wooden fire.

BotinGuests from all over the world comes to Botin for a taste of history and pig, of course. The restaurant smells wonderful, but it is always crowded, and it feels a bit too much like a busines rather than a restaurant at times. Regardless, they know how to cook both the pig and the lamb. And it is definitely worth a visit. suckling pig suckling pig

Make sure you book way in advance, and I suggest you go for the specialties when you order. Even if some of the other dishes sound good, it is the pigs that rules this house!

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