Chora Resort and Spa, Folegandros

Chora ResortChora Resort in Folegandros is located only a few steps from my favorite Greek village, has a beautiful pool and lounge area and a spa for basic treatments.

If your preference is a great pool and to be close to several good restaurants, bars and ice cream shops, there is no better location than this. Chora Resort is built as a small village surrounding a large pool. There are comfortable sun beds in various sizes where you can spend all the sunny hours and late afternoons. Due to the construction of the hotel, you are even protected from much of the wind, and even if you are just a few steps away from the main town of the island, you still feel like you are on a sheltered area.

Chora Resort

The rooms vary in size and standard and Chora Resort and Spa. It isn´t super fancy or design at it its best, but traditional Greek, clean and comfortable.

The breakfast here is ok, and so is the restaurant, but that is not important, since you are so close to most of the other great restaurants on the island.

This hotel is especially loved by the kids because of the large pool. And for some of us, happy kids makes happy parents.

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