The Cosmopolitan Gourmet and the Manhattan Gourmet

The Cosmopolitan Gourmet and the Manhattan Gourmet are fine dining restaurants found on Color Fantasy and Color Magic that runs between Oslo and Kiel.

The ferries that runs across the North Sea have a reputation of being “party” ferries with loads of alcohol and less focus on the quality and taste of the food. But the newest ferries that runs between Oslo and Kiel (Color Fantisy and color Magic) have changed that. They have the regular Grand Buffet restaurant and the Oceanic a la cart, but they also have a gourmet restaurant on board (the Cosmopolitan Gourmet and the Manhattan Gourmet.

The first time we ate here was when our oldest child was ten months old. She spent most parts of the meal playing under the table hidden by the long and with tablecloths. For our other visits, we made sure that we got a table with a view and plenty of space for the kids to bring out their drawing kits and even dolls. The restaurant is small and the staff is very kind. They may even bring the kids out with them to the kitchen for them to have a closer look to where the magic happens!

When looking at their menu, it becomes clear that their focus is on Norways best and freshest products. I often find it difficult to finish a whole seven or more course dinner, but this is one of those restaurants that makes it impossible to exclude any of the dishes. Luckily they have the perfect size, and we solved the ” problem” with not ordering anything for the kids, and sharing everything with them. A win win for all of us…

When it comes to the wine, this is also a great place to try the wine menu. They have a great selection and compared to Norway, great prices. If you are driving through Germany and the autobahn the following day, I recommend that you share a wine menu. This is a fantastic thing to do. You get to try them all, not end up drinking too much, and of course you save some money.

The only negative thing about this restaurant is that it isn´t permanently based in Oslo.

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