ULA – Japanese in Berlin

We were quite hungry and had some extra time this Sunday night (due to the fact that we didn´t get to go shopping) so we got here very early in the evening. We were the only guests there when we arrived. This confirmed what we had felt all day. No Berliners goes out on Sundays. Not during the day and not during the night. A couple of other couples joined us later, but still, we had to focus on each other and the food, and not the crowd, and ended up having a great evening.

Ula is a modern Japanese restaurant. The décor and interior was sleek, minimalistic and cool. I would use some of these things in my own home. I really loved it.

The drink list was short but they would make other things if you asked for it. They only had one type of Asian beer, but the selection of wine was much better. Still, it was the Sake Menu that was most interesting. I especially liked the descriptions on the menu telling us what it tasted like and what kind of food the different types would go well with. Extra points for that.

The menu consisted of specials of the day and an a la carte. It contained both traditional dishes and some new and exciting dishes for us. My friend had never tried the green beans, so we started with them and they tasted delicious. I don´t know if it is that they feel so healthy or because of all the flaky salt on top… But I just love them. We went on with a Miso soup and a sashimi salad. The salad was good but the soup not so much. It was darker than it usually is and just tasted like bouillon that wasn´t interspersed. Stay away from that one. The beef nigiri was yummy, and so was the other pieces of nigiri that we ordered.

I would have preferred that there were more people in the restaurant, just to get a better atmosphere and some laughter and music in the background, but all in all we had a great night with good food and good drinks!

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