Ganymed Brasserie – French in Berlin

This is a typical French restaurant with traditions from the nineteen thirties. Is has a sweet location by the river, so if you are lucky enough to get a table by the window, you can watch both the boats and the trains while dining.

Like any other French brasserie, the menu is filled with dishes like oysters, scallops, mussels, snails, fish and meat and the wine list is heavy and filled with mostly French wine, but also a bit from other wine producing countries.

The staff wears ironed white shirts and black vests, and don´t smile too much, but they have great pride in their job and know how to provide you with good service.

When ever I can, I eat the escargots, and I have to say that the ones I got here were the best I have ever tasted. I think it was the sauce, or the mix of oil, garlic and spices that did it, and I still dream about them at least once a week. The snails alone were worth a trip to this restaurant. I had the house Cremante Blance with them, and that was quite fine.

They also served a mean lobster. There are three different ways to get your lobster served, and I bet they all taste good. I just know that when ever I order lobster, I am very pleased when it is not over cooked and they manage to keep the taste of the actual lobster. Here, they did a good job.

Even if the snails took the crown for this meal, the tartar wasn´t far behind. The amount of meet was generous, had just the right sized chunks and color, and having all the other ingredients served on the side in small containers always makes me happy. Capers, red unions, parsley, egg yolk, pickles, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, salt and pepper. It was fantastic! Especially served with a glass of pinot noir.

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