Le Chef Coq – Typical French food in beautiful surroundings

If you stay in Beaune, a short drive from the town you will find a restaurant named Le Chef Coq. It is situated in Nuits-Saint-Georges in the hotel called La Gentilhommiére. I haven´t stayed at the hotel, but the surroundings are just wonderful. It is a big, old castle on the countryside with an old windmill and plenty of area for kids to run around.

La chef CoqsnailsseafoodsaladThe weather was fantastic when we visited, so we got a large table outside. It is a quite fancy restaurant, but they still allow children to eat there and offer dishes specially made for them. The minor pretentious style and atmosphere is what it is. It is never difficult to get the staff to lighten up and smile. I may not be the typical fancy guest, but as soon as they recognize my true love and admiration for great wine and food, it is alright!

IMG_9205 IMG_9208the gardenMy strongest memory from this place is large dishes. It is always difficult to decide what to pick from these exciting menus, so I always end up ordering too much. This is a place where you can get full just eating one of their mains… But you should most definitely try their strawberry carpaccio anyhow. You can choose one of their menus or a la cart. But they will also let you change some of the elements in the menu if you have other preferences. When ever I eat more than three dishes, most of them have to be vegetarian or seafood. I had a fantastic seafood salad and some beautiful asparagus with a memorable hollandaise.

Their selection of meat is large and wonderful. You can choose from rabbit, beef, lamb and veal. They also serve tuna, various types of shells and fish and the standard French dishes like snails and tartar. Their snails were awesome, tartar not so exciting.

Their wine list is also impressing. They have a lot of local producers on their list, but also quite a lot of other areas, like Champagne, and other countries. Le Chef Coq is definitely a restaurant I would go back to. And perhaps next time we will stay the night so we can make use of the wonderful garden. LA chef CoqIMG_9216 IMG_9214 La Chef Coq

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