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Italy is one of my favorite destinations in the world.San Donato

The scenery and architecture is unbelievable, the food is breathtaking and the wine makes you happy in more than one way. The people who live there are joyful and enthusiastic, and Italy also have some of the words best design

Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I love to travel to Italy to explore, eat, drink and shop. This is the food that I never get tired of. They have so many wonderful cities and places to visit and a scenery I can´t stop looking at. I never get tired of some of the Italian wines, and this was where I got married…Villa Sassolini

My two favorite areas food- and wine wise in Italy is Piedmont and Tuscany. The elegance and simplicity of the food and wine from the north of Italy blows me away every time. As does the beauty, warmth and powerful taste of the Tuscan food and wine. Who says you have to pic just one favorite?

Beautiful cities are Siena, Luca, Florence, Rome, Montepulciano, Monforte d´Alba, Seggiano and La Morra. Sicily is so surprisingly green and incredibly beautiful. Sardinia has the most amazing beaches and hills, and an Island I definitely need to get back to rediscover. And the mountains and lakes in the northern Italy are breMascarelloathtaking and have a lot fewer tourists than further south.

Italy has something to offer to everyone. And if you have visited once, you are bound to come back, again and again…