Alila SooriBali is a beautiful island in Indonesia where all your dreams come true. It is clean, green and welcoming, and not too crowded with tourists. In addition to the clear, blue water for swimming, diving and surfing, excellent food with great variation, and kind and proud people with a culture and tradition that inspires and entertains, there are a lot of amazing looking hotels. Alila Uluwatu

The island offers a wide range of places to visit and hotels to enjoy. All depending on your preferences. We decided to stay at the W in the stylish Seminyak, with the best shops and some of the most beautiful beaches. Then we took a boat to Indiana Kenanga at Nusa Lembongan, which is great for snorkeling and surfing. Our next home for a few days was Scallywags resort on Gili Trawangan in Lombok before we headed bacalila soorik to mainland Bali. Our first stop was Uluwatu and the Como hotel. The last few days were spend at the famous Alila Hotels. First stop Uluwatu and then a couple of days at Soori in the Tabanan province.

All of these hotels are unique and wonderful. They vary in price but all have high to luxury standard, great food and excellent service. I highly recommend all of them.