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I am not an expert on wine. Far from it. But I am an enthusiastic wine lover learning as I go… or drink, one may say. Regardless, I know how difficult it can be to get beyond the point where you just buy a bottle of red wine. There is so much to learn about different areas and producers, different grapes and soil, storage and so on.

While some of us focus on the bottle in front of us, others dig deeper, and there is a whole world of science, traditions, rules and regulations, various opinions and do´s and don´ts… It is easy to get lost.

There are many producers spread throughout the world. Wine areas are often divided into the new world and the old one. The new world being younger producers, or maybe just those we Europeans know less about, because they are further away in distance and tradition, compared to the European. They are countries like Australia, New Zealand, The Americas and South Africa. These countries are often in a much warmer climate and has more ripe grapes.

When I drink red, I usually drink Italian or French, and when enjoying a white, it is mostly German or French. Within these countries there are several areas and hundreds of producers. It is both fun and exciting to discover them. Both by research and by accident. It is an endless and joyful adventure, and I don´t think I´ll ever get tired of it.